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Tangerine Tango!

Goodness me oh my, I am really hoping that it is just as beautiful where you are!  I am looking out a window onto silverbells, weeping cherries, redbuds, magnolias, and darn it if the dogwoods aren’t just about out too!  Fingers crossed that we don’t get a big old late frost to nip all these beautiful trees (we would call something like that Dogwood Winter up here).

Around the Nectar Headquarters we are all Garden Market all the time.  Planning, scheming, logistics – we are cooking up so much fun.  As I promised last week, here are some more tantalizing details about the Market.  As many of you probably already know, the color of the year for 2012 is Tangerine Tango (you may have even peeked in on our kickin’ pinterest board dedicated to this color).  We have loved strong oranges in the garden for a lot longer than a few months so we thought this would be a perfect excuse to bring out some of our favorites in this hue.  We’re calling this shop Ballroom in Blooms, and you’ll find flowers here to brighten up your containers, highlight your borders, and generally give things a passionate pop of color (as usual, the photos on this page are a sneak preview).

Don’t forget all the extra fun planned for just before the Market on April 19th – we’ll be hosting a lunch and learn with plantman Jenks Farmer (details forthcoming, but a little bird told me that he’s going to be talking about honoring heirloom plants and heirloom gardeners, or some of the older folks who taught him to garden…oh, and lily fans do not want to miss this) and then that evening we’ll be hosting a night of culinary delights provided by Feathered Nest (think here of jalapeno cheese grits, asparagus, pork tenderloin sliders, okra chips, and mini pecan pies) and foot stomping entertainment by The Bo Henry Band.  Keep in mind that attending these events also gives you first digs at the Garden Market goodies.  To purchase tickets and inquire about event details contact 478-477-3232 or visit the Museum of Arts and Sciences website here.  Rhythm & Bloom and a portion of Garden Market proceeds benefit Museum of Arts and Sciences.  Note: free admission during Garden Market weekend does not include free admission into the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Whew.  That is probably enough excitement for now.  But this time next week we’ll reveal another theme for the Garden Market and we’ll kick off our contest, so peek back again soon.  Until then, enjoy this weather and tell us what’s growing in your garden!

All images courtesy of Proven Winners.

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